Friday, November 22, 2013

Stamped City and My Opinion on Crayola vs. Prang Water Colors

Stamped city is a project that deals with space, I think I saw this years ago at a Texas Conference.   Overlapping is encouraged to help create depth in the picture.  The outline of the buildings are "stamped" with pieces of cardboard of different sizes.  We used construction paper crayons to outline the buildings and then water colored the rest.  Now, I know that many people lean to using the Prang water color sets.  I myself like the brightness and more translucent look of the Crayola brand.  Prang definitely has its place, if I want a darker more opaque look, which can quickly ruin a picture if the kids don't control the paint, in my opinion. Hard to help a class of 29 kindergardeners in a 50 minute class time to make sure they aren't over doing it! (Ha, that is just funny, using the word control in the same sentence with 29 kindergartners!)  Almost every time I decide to use Prang I find myself regretting that I didn't use Crayola. I just feel that overall the kids are more successful with Crayola water colors.   Yes, Prang has a better brush, I save the brushes from Prang and use with Crayola, problem solved.  The one thing I can say that I wish Crayola would adopt from Prang is the removable ovals.  I hate discarding the set because the blue is gone, it is ALWAYS the blue.  Maybe just add in an additional blue oval, or make the blue BIGGER!  Am I the only Crayola groupie?? (Hehe)

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