Thursday, September 24, 2015


This summer for art camp, I chose to do a city scape.  The kids all enjoyed putting together their skylines and dreaming up their buildings.  
To give these cityscapes a bit of dimension, we painted the water and sky with acrylic first on the canvas.  Then,  the kids went to work on a piece of watercolor paper to create the city.  After they were sharpied and then watercolored, they cut them out.  The kids then attached their city with glue.  
Once their city was in place, they added a blue moon, which we painted with acrylic on a seperate piece of paper, cut out and glued where it seemed to fit best into the city.  And of course, we added the reflection, which is done with oil pastels.

I love this leaning tower above, interesting angles!

This cityscape looks like something from the future!  He was one of my youngest campers, what a talented young man.  One day at camp, he told me that he comes straight home from school everyday and does artwork until it is time for dinner.  And then he goes to bed and dreams of making more art.  I've got a long time to wait, but I can't wait to see what he does as a career.