Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Name Creature Steps

These are the steps that I did with my kids.  There may be different ways of doing this, but this is what works for me.  The first step is to fold your paper in half, down the long side ( we say hotdog fold).  Then with a pencil write your name sitting on the fold, in cursive.

Then, darken the name by tracing 2-3 times.

Fold the name to the inside, make sure the name is facing down.  Usually, you can see the name through the paper, which will help with the next step.

With the cap of a marker, rub over the name.  If you can see through the paper, you can rub directly on the name.  Check to see if transfer is happening, if not check these things. 
1. Is the name dark enough
2. Is the name on the inside (Yep, it happens)
3. Is the name facing down
4. If the following is done, you may not be holding the marker at the right angle.

Once the name is transferred, you can start adding in details (eyes, nose, ears, hands, feet, lashes and so on)  Remember it is a creature, so it can have 6 eyes, 2 mouths, and hands.  Anything goes!  This part is done just like the name.  Draw on the original side and transfer for symmetry.

Trace with sharpie and erase any left over pencil markings.

Add color!