Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recylce Art

 This cardboard piece turned out really nice.   Each child was given a large piece of cardboard, then asked to choose three different colors, as well as various tools to paint with; scrappers, sponges and small cut up cardboard pieces.  Once they dried, I cut each child's cardboard down to 7-8 pieces.  Then they were able to trade  those pieces with other students.  Some kids traded all but one, while some kept all their pieces.  Then they arranged the blocks how they wanted them glued together.  The Jr. counselors then hot glued the pieces together for the campers.
 The canvas piece is another art piece that included recycled items.  Campers were asked to cut out one or more pictures to include in their artwork.  Once they had their images, we talked about what the background should be and what colors.  Once they finished painting, we stuck the image right into the wet paint.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Art Camp 2011

I have held summer art camps at my school now for nine years.  I really enjoy the chance to work with kids for an extended time and not the usual 50 minute blocks once a week.  The campers ages range from 6-11 years, with 28 participants. It is a 30 hour camp, M-F 9-3.  I have a good friend who happens to be the PE Coach at my school and she assists with the camp.  At times we split the campers and half will work on their art while the other half gets some movement or games.  This year we had a recycle theme for the camp.  The projects really turned out pretty great.   I think the best part was having the kids write their artist statements.  Here are some samples of some of the art pieces they created.