Friday, February 20, 2015

Cherry Blossoms at Sunset

I am getting a bit behind these days.  So much to do and so little time.  With YAM quickly approaching and our district show, which is also the same week as our school leadership day.  Both events requiring special attention and displayed artwork, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  But, enough of that.  I want to show off these little beauties from my third graders, our cherry blossom trees at sunset.  These were a three day project with one day set aside for watercoloring the background, a day to draw out the tree and color (they also added grass and leaves to the tree if they wanted), and one day to add the blossoms.  I showed them several ways they could do the cherry blossoms and let them choose how they wanted to finish out this project.  

This youngin' decided that she preferred the back of her watercolor paper better, how the colors bleed through the back.  I think she was right, it made for a more interesting picture.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Metal Trees 2014-15

This post is short and sweet.  I just wanted to share a few of my metal trees from this year.  It is one of the projects that I do yearly.  If you have missed my previous post on this project, here is the link back from last year. Metal Embossed Trees

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Artist Mash-up with Pollock and Mondrian

I am wrapping up this lesson with my 3rd graders and I love it!!  This past summer, I started dreaming up possibilities for artist mash up lessons. This seemed to be the best pair up, of the options I came up with.  While I am still going to try out the others, I went ahead with this one, and it's a keeper for sure.  

We looked at art works from both artist Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian.  We had some great discussions about the two artist.  And of course, I love the responses to both artist.  I CAN do that!  
Enthusiasm is always welcome.  

We started by using primary color blocks and painting them up Pollock style.  And, if you haven't tried this with your kids, you must.  Although it can be very messy and yes, sometimes marbles get air time....small price to pay for an engaging lesson.  If you are very stuctured with the lesson, every one can paint all three colors, with minimal mess.  I used my online timer.  Students were paired up with a tray.  I would give them one minute to prep their supplies.  Then, they had a two minute roll time.  When the timer sounded, those students walked their work to the drying rack, while the other partner put the used marbles back, got their paper ready, and added their marbles. It worked beautifully for all classes and we had around 10 minutes clean up time (50 minute class time).

Day two, we got out our rulers and talked about vertical and horizontal lines.  I had them start by making one line on the first color, two lines on the 2nd and 3 on the third.  They cut these apart and this gave them a variety of sizes.  They picked out their favorite 6-9 pieces and start to arrange their colors.  

Once they evaluate their arrangement, glue was applied. 

Day three, we use the black strips to outline the shapes.  I ask that where they could, find places where they can stretch the black lines between shapes to create white space shapes.

I think they turned out lovely and all the kids were successful!  They are already asking to do it again.  Win for me, because I got to talk to them about two great artist in one lesson.







Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Mighty

The Mighty is a site that features stories of families with children of disabilities.  My husband, Greg, is currently sharing our story, on his blog, On Loving Lucy.  His most recent post is featured today on The Mighty, please share with anyone who might want to read.  I know, that when we were newly diagnosed with Down Syndrome and an AV Canal I couldn't read enough.  I wanted to connect with someone going through the same thing.  I wanted to hear the good, the bad, the funny, all of it.