Friday, December 21, 2012

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

This was a very quick lesson, all of two rotation days.  Squeezing him in this last semester before break.  I don't like to start a lesson and then have to pick up two weeks later.  You are basically starting over when you do this.  So, for the short time we worked on these pieces, I think they turned out rather nice.  While I love most of Klimt, there is a lot out there that isn't appropriate for young children.  

Fourth grade Tree of Life.

Kinder and first grade student work.

Example of student work by a kinder student.

Example work from second grade.

Fifth Grade boys are working on the hawk, in the Tree of Life.

Fifth grade girls are working on patterned dress like that of Klimt.

Asian Cultures and Chinese New Year

One of my favorite units to study is Asian Cultures.  There is so much great children's literature, which I always incorporate with this lesson.  
  Here are a few lessons from several different years, I think they range from 2007-2010.  
Washi Dolls

Washi Dolls with watercolor backgrounds and cherry blossom tree.


Koi stamp 

Weaving done on Kimono.