Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mixed Media Weaving

This mixed media weaving was a great way to use odds and ends. Scraps of yarn, old pieces of embossing metal, cut up strips of painted paper from projects past, and scrap pieces from basket weaving. We also have tons of donated fabric I wished I had thought of to use.

Even the pretty blue and gold paper was donated.  Since I had mostly younger students, I cut the paper into strips for them. 

I didn't cut all the way to the top. I've done paper weaving both ways and it is so much easier to weave when the top is kept together.

We used a strip of painters tape to anchor the weaving to the table, which is also another life saver, and will keep your students from being frustrated. 

The only problem with this project was gluing to the black background paper. The basket weaving strips wanted to curl.  So I buddied up kids that used these strips and they helped hold down while they were weaving.  

I had them add a bit more glue than normal, and then we placed tubs of markers on top for 20-30 minutes to make sure the art attached to the black background.  It also flattened out the basket weaving strips so they laid flat.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Holiday Art Work...Yes or No?

These are art pieces from my previous school that I just ran across.  I spotted these on another blog 4-5 years ago and wanted to do them with my kids at school.

Holiday art can be a bit tricky though and I didn't want any kids to feel left out if everyone was doing them. No one wants to be the one kid singled out, ever!

So after some contemplation I decided that after my several weeks of working on another art project, I would offer several centers for them to choose from. (Of course, only after the art lesson was completed  and all parts of the lesson was done as expected)  There are always the kids that rush and completely destroy their artwork so they can go to centers...ummm I don't think so.  

Anytime centers are allowed, I always make very clear that if they are skipping steps or rushing/scribbling to get done and get to centers, they will be very disappointed when they have to start the lesson completely over.

I also let them know that centers are a privelge that is rewarded by their hardwork. If hard work isn't being demonstrated, then it will be a long time before centers are offered again.

Both of these projects, plus another non holiday art piece, in addition to free drawing and manipulative stations were offered.  The centers were a success and no one stood out because of their religion or personal beliefs.  How do you handle holiday art?  

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wedding Bliss

I feel like I can breathe once again. We hosted a backyard wedding this September for my sweet sister-in-law. We were so honored to do so! No pressure, said no one ever hosting a wedding! I was reminded once again why weddings cost big bucks. 
But, our family did get some wonderful bonding time with all our DIY wedding projects.

Only a few tears were shed!

Our backyard is in great shape now, ready to host some smaller scale get togethers.

While for six weeks or so the inside of my house was neglected, I think I'm almost caught up. 

Now maybe I can start getting back into the groove of blogging once again!