Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cardboard Sculpture

This year at one of my camps, I incorporated a cardboard sculpture.  I have been seeing the super cute lesson with the Miro sculpture floating around on pinterest from Arteascuola.  Here is the link to that lesson; Three dimensional Miro.  This was done on our last day of the camp, so they only  had a couple of hours to work on these.  
To simplify, because of time, we used sharpie for color rather than paint.  It was such a fun, fast and furious project.  They did a great job putting these together.

It was a great challenge for all the kids.  Making the cuts to fit onto other pieces.  And then the biggest challenge was to balance the pieces to stay together.  They really came together to help one another.  
Even the placement of tape was crucial for the sculpture to stay together.  

I highly recommend this project.  While each student walked away with their own sculptures, it really had more of a collaborative element to the construction part.  

They were very proud of these sculptures, and I heard more than once that they wanted to do this at home as well.  

I really regret not getting more photos of all the action, but of course I was also very busy helping them and trying to get their weeks worth of fabulous artwork rounded up!  

This summer I have been brain storming on how to make changes to this project to be classroom friendly with 120 students and no storage space!  This is another beautiful thing about holding art camps.  You are able to try out new ideas on a small group and see how to adapt them for larger groups.  Plus, it is just fun to be with a group of 20 kids that LOVE ART!!