Monday, November 18, 2013

Cubist Portraits

The cubism styled portraits are always a super cute project. I love them, because portraits can be very challenging, and I find that many students get "stuck" when doing realistic styled portraits.  The perfectionist group always has a hard time with portraits, unless we are doing cubism style.  We, of course, talk about Pablo Picasso and his role in making the style popular.  We discuss that cubism is about the imperfections that make it look unique.  And of course that sometimes the mistakes are the best part of these pictures.  This project is a 3 class project.  Day one, draw out the person and background.  Sharpie can be started if time allows.  Day 2, finish sharpie and start adding color with crayon.  I have them color their person and part of the background.  Day 3, finish coloring and apply watercolor as a resist project.  This project was done with 3rd grade.

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