Monday, November 25, 2013

Positive/Negative Space with Shapes

This is another Pinterest find this summer, for Positive/Negative space.  The first day we painted a 4 1/2 by 7" paper with black acrylic paint, and before it dried we brushed on silver metallic paint. Day 2, we used a wet on wet watercolor method for the background, periodically spraying the paper to keep it moist.  We used a combination of Crayola water colors and liquid water colors.  Before we were done with the watercolor paper, we also added liquid metallic watercolors as well.  Day 3, the students turned the black paper to the back and drew out shapes on the perimeter of the rectangle.  Once this was done and I checked them (this had to be done to make sure the kids weren't drawing shapes on the corners where it was touching two sides), they could start cutting out their shapes.  After the shapes were cut, we glued the large black piece down and arranged and glued one side at a time. This project took 4 days in all to complete with my 4th graders.

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