Monday, April 14, 2014

Bubbles and Jellyfish

This was a fun warm and cool color study with 3rd grade. We used liquid watercolors with dish soap and students printed bubbles they blew from a straw.  I had them partner up on this, one student blew the bubbles and the other printed, then they would flip so each got to blow bubbles and print, (have partners choose two different color straws so they don't get them mixed up!).  I did one table at a time so I could monitor the printing and help more readily.  While one table printed the other tables water colored their backgrounds with cool colors.   If they were done with water colors, they could move on to the tentacles of the jellyfish, which is warm colored tissue paper.  I encouraged them to add lines of glue rather than dots, the lines looked more like part of the tentacles. As the bubble paper dried, they drew out the jellyfish head on the back, and added it to the paper.  I asked each student to outline with two warm colored sharpies.


  1. This is so cute! Pinning! Did you have any kids who inhaled by mistake, instead of blowing? That would be my biggest worry!!

  2. I did have two kids, out of 120 kids, that did get it in their mouth...two boys at the same table. I have a feeling they were trying to get laughs (from the girls)!! They weren't impressed...

  3. How do you get the bubbles to "print" on the paper? Do you slowly try to bring the bubbles over with a straw? I'm sure I am over complicating it, I just can't see it in my head. Thank you! This looks like so much fun!

    1. Hi. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, end of year craziness! You know I actually just found several youtube videos that you might find to be helpful. Just search bubble printing and there are several good ones. Most of those show you how to make a paint solution to use. I just use liquid watercolor with dish soap, and I get great results, but I would be interested to try the paint method as well! Good luck!