Friday, July 5, 2013

Roller Coaster Portraits

I did not do a very good job of keeping up with pictures on this art camp.  So I only have a few of this project.  These were very awkward getting started, the kids didn't quite know what to think.  My art helpers and I started by tracing each of the kids on a large butcher paper.  In the beginning, I have to say, I was a little worried.  This was a three day art camp, and this is a BIG picture.  We could eat up a lot of time on these and they could turn out, well...bad.  The idea was to capture a fun summer moment.  What is more fun than amusement parks and roller coasters to a 7 year old, not a whole lot!!  And while they did take a lot of time, I think they are fun, a reminder of what summer is supposed to be!!

This was my daughters picture, she is 6.  You can see she got a little confused, she started to add fingernails to the fingers.  I got to her moments after she capped the SHARPIE, then I explained that normally when your hands are up like that, it is the palm side.  Anyway, we decided she was just wearing some crazy rings!  It works :)


  1. This would be a real winner with my kids!! Have pinned it :)Elizabeth

  2. Boy, I've done a terrible job of checking my comments!! I've been doing this for several years now, and I'm still learning! Hope things are going well with you Elizabeth!!