Friday, October 31, 2014

Tree of Life Steps

These are the steps for my Klimt Tree of Life art piece.  

I like the contrast of the dark paper with the golds and bright oil pastel colors.  So, dark brown is my color of choice, but can be done on what ever color you prefer.  I have the kids start out by drawing a simple tree, they can always add to it later.  I also let them choose to draw regular circular spirals, but they can also do triangular or squared spirals as well.  

Next they fill in the tree with liquid metallic watercolors.

Although this piece doesn't have two coats, they always look better with a second coat of paint.

Fill in any empty spaces with more spirals. 

Add in grass with several different green
oil pastels. 

Then add in color to the garden with more oil pastels. 

Then, use black and white oil pastels to add details to the tree.  The kids really enjoy looking at Klimt's Tree and trying to recreate some of the designs. 

The last step is to add a little copper to the background, to break up the space. This is typically a 3 day, project, with each class lasting 50 minutes.

These are examples of student work from a previous post. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Broncos, Coffin Races, Fireworks and Birthday Celebrations!

This past weekend, my husband and I got to sneak away to celebrate my birthday, which was actually last month.  But it was a big one, 40.  We are spoiled by grandparents, seriously, they are awesome.  We were able to go to a Broncos game at the Mile High Stadium.  Isn't this just beautiful!  It was my first NFL experience, and it was great!  Course, it helped that the Broncos won.  

Then, the next night, my husband and I were finishing up dinner and was just settling in to watch movies, and heard some terrible noises outside.  Only to run out and find this going on.  The fireworks went on for 15-20 minutes and literally over the house.  It also happened to be the Emma Crawford Coffin races that weekend in Manitou.  And the fireworks were a part of the 20 year celebration.

So then we also got to take in the coffin races, which had around 75 teams.  Some of the teams really went all out in costume, while you could tell others were there to win.  The Emma Crawford Coffin races are in memory of Emma, a concert pianist, who moved to Manitou in 1889 to try to cure herself of Tuberculosis with mineral waters.  She later died in 1891, at the age of 28. Her last request was to be buried on top of Red Mountain. Years later, in 1929, Emma's remains washed down Red Mountain, into the city of Manitou. 

Now, after seeing all the cool costumes, I'm ready to start getting my family all squared away with their Halloween attire.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Name Creature Steps

These are the steps that I did with my kids.  There may be different ways of doing this, but this is what works for me.  The first step is to fold your paper in half, down the long side ( we say hotdog fold).  Then with a pencil write your name sitting on the fold, in cursive.

Then, darken the name by tracing 2-3 times.

Fold the name to the inside, make sure the name is facing down.  Usually, you can see the name through the paper, which will help with the next step.

With the cap of a marker, rub over the name.  If you can see through the paper, you can rub directly on the name.  Check to see if transfer is happening, if not check these things. 
1. Is the name dark enough
2. Is the name on the inside (Yep, it happens)
3. Is the name facing down
4. If the following is done, you may not be holding the marker at the right angle.

Once the name is transferred, you can start adding in details (eyes, nose, ears, hands, feet, lashes and so on)  Remember it is a creature, so it can have 6 eyes, 2 mouths, and hands.  Anything goes!  This part is done just like the name.  Draw on the original side and transfer for symmetry.

Trace with sharpie and erase any left over pencil markings.

Add color! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kinder/ 1st Hand Project

The first project for the year with Kinder and 1st graders was a lesson on emphasis.  Using color and line or shapes we put emphasis on the hand by creating one design with the background and different design on the hand.  This first example is really great.  She really squeezed her lines together, what a patient five year old!   This took us three days to finish ( I was also cramming in art room procedures), so it would probably be 2 art days to complete.  The hardest part was to get kindergarteners to commit to one thing!  They would "get bored" after a few lines and start something new. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bold Name Design

This is the project I started the year with my 2nd and 3rd graders.  The criteria for this was for them use all the space with their names.  They could choose their first, middle, last or even an appropriate nickname.  All letters must touch the top and bottom of the page, and they could use all caps or lower case as long as they were drawn large enough.  They were asked to make each letter thick so that it would stand out when the design was complete.  Then with a thin sharpie they added lines and designs for each of the spaces.  So for example, the name Anzley below has 6 letters, but if they count the spaces, they have 12 spaces, so 12 different designs.  With each space and design, they will also use a new color.  Colors could be repeated if they were spread out.

  This would be my child, she wasn't the only one.  Oh well, they are working and I try not to discourage kids that are working hard, even if they get away from the project expectations.  Plus, sometimes these kids make you rethink the project all together.   

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Time Out

It seems I am taking a time out, apparently having a pet is a lot of work.  Or at least that is my excuse (wink wink)!  I should do the dishes, no Tiger needs to go outside.  I should do laundry, no Tiger needs to snuggle.  I should dust the house, no Tiger wants to play.  I should post on my blog, no I NEED to love on Tiger.  He is just too much cuteness, will I ever get anything done?