Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Broncos, Coffin Races, Fireworks and Birthday Celebrations!

This past weekend, my husband and I got to sneak away to celebrate my birthday, which was actually last month.  But it was a big one, 40.  We are spoiled by grandparents, seriously, they are awesome.  We were able to go to a Broncos game at the Mile High Stadium.  Isn't this just beautiful!  It was my first NFL experience, and it was great!  Course, it helped that the Broncos won.  

Then, the next night, my husband and I were finishing up dinner and was just settling in to watch movies, and heard some terrible noises outside.  Only to run out and find this going on.  The fireworks went on for 15-20 minutes and literally over the house.  It also happened to be the Emma Crawford Coffin races that weekend in Manitou.  And the fireworks were a part of the 20 year celebration.

So then we also got to take in the coffin races, which had around 75 teams.  Some of the teams really went all out in costume, while you could tell others were there to win.  The Emma Crawford Coffin races are in memory of Emma, a concert pianist, who moved to Manitou in 1889 to try to cure herself of Tuberculosis with mineral waters.  She later died in 1891, at the age of 28. Her last request was to be buried on top of Red Mountain. Years later, in 1929, Emma's remains washed down Red Mountain, into the city of Manitou. 

Now, after seeing all the cool costumes, I'm ready to start getting my family all squared away with their Halloween attire.  


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