Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Native American Art Camp Pt. 2

So, wrapping up my summer camp lessons, I had seen several blogs posting a lesson on Dream Catchers, including Smart Class, and knew I needed to include it as one of the lessons for camp. They turned out so great and I had lots of compliments from parents on this one.
Then we also did a pinch pot as our potter piece. One the clay dried for a day, we glazed the pieces with one color.  Students added Native American designs into the piece by scratching into the glaze with a sharpened wooden dowel. 
For a fun, quick activity, the students had fun painting designs on a feather.
We also did a metal embossed piece with the thunderbird theme. I usually save metal activities for 3rd and up in school. But using metal at camp works well, especially if I buddy them up with an older student that can help guide the younger student.
And, here I got to see one of the parents had the canvas framed. I love that she added in the painted feather, it looks great together! 

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