Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bold Name Design

This is the project I started the year with my 2nd and 3rd graders.  The criteria for this was for them use all the space with their names.  They could choose their first, middle, last or even an appropriate nickname.  All letters must touch the top and bottom of the page, and they could use all caps or lower case as long as they were drawn large enough.  They were asked to make each letter thick so that it would stand out when the design was complete.  Then with a thin sharpie they added lines and designs for each of the spaces.  So for example, the name Anzley below has 6 letters, but if they count the spaces, they have 12 spaces, so 12 different designs.  With each space and design, they will also use a new color.  Colors could be repeated if they were spread out.

  This would be my child, she wasn't the only one.  Oh well, they are working and I try not to discourage kids that are working hard, even if they get away from the project expectations.  Plus, sometimes these kids make you rethink the project all together.   

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