Monday, July 8, 2013

Louise Nevelson Art Box

I have a dear friend who's husband likes to smoke cigars, so when he is done with a box she sends them to me.  So, I have been looking for the perfect project to do with them.  Then, I ran across some images of Louise Nevelson.  I knew that it would be a great art project for my campers.  While I do wish I had gathered a few more items, they did turn out well.  Most of the kids personalized their box with an initial. We used items like pony beads, feathers, shells, straws, crayons, chenille stems, nails, and paper clips. They used good old Elmer's for most things, but some required hot glue.  Once everything was dry, they had the option of using white, black, silver or gold spray.  Don't worry my campers didn't use spray paint, although I have to say that according to them, their parents don't mind and they use it ALL the time at home.  

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