Monday, July 1, 2013

Clay Snails

These snails were created by my 4th graders.  They were each given two small chunks of clay.  Each of those clay pieces were rolled out into a coil.  The first of the coils was then rolled flat by a textured roller.  Then I had them turn over, score and roll up that clay into a spiral.  With the second coil, we did a pinching technique to give half of the clay coil a wavy look for it's "foot".  The other half was sculpted into the head.  The students scored and attached the spiral to the other clay piece.  Then details were added, we made a hole in the head with a coffee straw to be able to add the eyes later.  Day two the kids added their glazes. And the final touches, chenille stems and google eyes finished these cuties up. 


  1. Very cute!!

  2. Love these snails, especially the multi-medium aspect. I think I've discovered a new idea for a clay unit!

  3. Thanks a bunch! Just a suggestion, use hot glue for the eyes. The kids couldn't get them to stick to the chenille stem, and once they are on there, they popped off easily.