Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Portrait Silhouettes and characteristics

Well, once again, I know I saw something like this on pinterest, which I thought I pinned...nope.  Not there, searched pinterest, can't find.  Google search, can't find.  I guess I liked it enough that it just stuck on my brain.  So, if anyone knows who to give credit to, please comment.  I think that typical black/white silhouettes are beautiful, but this adds an element of fun, and gives the young artist a chance to think about what their strong, positive characteristics are.  This art piece really worked well with the range of ages too, which was 6 up to 11, plus I let my teen helpers do one of their own.  Megan, who I believe is 13, did the 3rd pic down.  The silhouette, which was a black and white photo copy, was colored in with one of the wide tip sharpies, you can still faintly see the details.  At first, I wasn't sure I liked it, but in the end it worked better and faster than paint.  The canvas was divided into sections and painted with acrylic paint.  Words were written with sharpie and details added with oil pastel.   


  1. I really like the effect of being able to still see some detail in the silhouette - it adds another dimension to the finished piece.

  2. plzzz add the instruction of each step

  3. Hey, thanks a lot for these images. I used a mixture of your idea and another and we came up with these in my art club. Hope you like them :)

    1. Cool, these turned out great! I really like the white breaking up the spaces. Thanks so much for sharing. I peeked at your sight a bit, I'll have to spend more time over there. You have some great things going on for your kids!!

  4. Thanks a lot! It's all very new to us but hours on pinterest have given us lots of activities to do for many years to come :) I'll be keeping an eye on your new ideas.