Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blot Creatures

This was a project that I did this summer for one of my art camps. We used drops of liquid watercolor and used straws to blow it out. Then, I turned them loose with the sharpies.  
The kids were free to make their blot creatures any way they wanted.  Some did more complex creatures like the above image.  And others kept it more simple like the image below.

I think this group of blot creatures were very original and fun!

I love this one as well.  I get the feeling it is a windy day and this poor creature is about to blow away.  

The above creature was the scariest of the bunch, I know not very scary. It kind of looks like one of my kids when their sister takes away a cookie or something.  You know, those flash looks they give each other a hundred times a day. Most kids tend to make their creatures funny and sweet looking.  

This is such a cool image.  Isn't he precious!  Such a creative kid and already has a signature look to his art.  He didn't need a single idea.  In fact, he marched in and told me he had too many ideas, and wasn't sure which one he wanted to do.  Pretty amazing.  

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