Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finger Weaving

A fun and easy end of year lesson is finger weaving.  It is great, because it is fairly easy for kids to learn and it needs very little prep.  We let the kids pick out a spool of yarn and learn the technique.  Then, they would unravel and rewrap the yarn.  This cuts down on the cost.  Once they had a day of practicing, then they were allowed to cut the yarn and take home their weaving.  Most kids were able to get it down fairly quickly, and the ones who didn't had lots of peer mentoring.  I love giving the kids opportunities to teach one another.  

This was a practice day and we were about 30 minutes into the class.  So you can see that they can do a lot in a 45-50 minutes class.

The other thing that I loved was listening to them talk of how to use their weavings.  Some kids talked about making scarfs, and some wanted to make necklaces and braclets.  Then, there was a class that decided they would combine all their weavings and see how far it measured.  They started guesstimating how far their collective weavings would reach.  

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