Saturday, April 4, 2015

Goodbye March

Where did March go?? I did a horrible job this year's YAM art show.  I did manage to snap a few pictures in progress, but NO pictures at the art show. 
I guess the stress of hanging an art show and taking down in one night was just too much this year!  Ha, but I did enjoy just visiting with students, past and present, and catching up with them and their families.  That is the most important part...right! 

But, I did come across some art show images from a few years ago.  I have lots of great memories from my 17 years of art showing!  And I love how our district art show has changed over the years. 
We have everything from silent auction, and community artist to make it-take it tables and choir and mariachi performances!  It has been a one night only event the past two years, but we pack it with a punch!
You know after teaching for 17 years at the same district, has been so very rewarding.  I bump into old students all the time.  Sometimes I remember their names,  most of the time I just don't.  But, I almost always recognize them.  I'll admit, though, not always immediately.  Hours or days will go by and I will have a flash of that child I just ran into, who is now graduated, and I see them as the 3rd grader they once were.  Not long ago, I was at the local grocery store and a sweet kid came up to me to give me a cart.  He asked me if I was ever an art teacher.  After we started talking, he told me he was always bullied in elementary school, but his best memories of me was sticking up for him on multiple occasions.  That really got to me, and almost had me in tears! 
Sorry to stray so far from the topic of art show, and going down memory lane!!  I think maybe my point is in a round about way (My ADD kicking in for sure!!) put your camera down and sometimes just live in the moment.  Bond with your students and families, it is so very rewarding. 

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