Monday, April 13, 2015

Leader Leaves

This year for our Leadership Day, I put together this tree, which is displayed on our school stage.  Although it may not look all that big, it actually is more than 15 feet high.  Every student in the school was asked to create a leaf with color and then add one of the Seven Daily Habits to the leaf.  Our school is going through the process of becoming a Lighthouse School based on these principles by Steven Covey, which I'm sure most of you are aware of.  And actually now their is an added habit, #8 Find your voice.  

Day in and day out we are practicing these habits, we recite them, we look at characters in literature and see how they are applying the habits.  We try to implement the habits anyway possible.  And while they get certificates that state what habits the kids are doing well, I feel it is important for them to express which habits they are good at. 

So, that is what they did.  And, I have to say, I think they really loved this opportunity.  Someone else wasn't telling them what they were good at.  They got to share with everyone where they feel success.  And surprisingly they weren't all habit #7 Sharpen the saw!  In fact, I saw every habit written on a leaf in every class, even in kindergarten.  I though that was very powerful.  

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