Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I thought I would repost a few of my projects that are used from recycled goods.   Some of these are from art camps, but could be altered to a smaller scale to accommodate a classroom activity, like the art above.  The above art is scraps of cardboard painted with acrylic paints, and students arrange the pieces.  These turn out to be great abstract pieces.  I have these two pieces displayed together from my girls, at the time they were 4 and 8.  So this is a great activity for any age.

The art piece above is a canvas project.  Each student cut out an image from an old calendar or magazine.  Then, they painted an appropriate background and added the cutout to the final piece.  

These are also old calendar images.  We studied the works of Claude Monet and added layers of oil pastel for an Impressionistic touch.

This is another artist study with Louise Nevelson.  Someone donated cigar boxes and we used all kinds of odds and ends that were laying around to embellish with.  Each child decided on a color and I spray painted for them.  They are great for keeping all those little treasures.  My girls collected rocks and this is where they kept their rock fortunes!  
Have a happy day creating and keeping Mother Earth in mind!

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