Sunday, March 22, 2015

Amate Paper, Folk Art Paintings

OK, this was kind of a hit and miss projects, I had some turn out really great, some good pieces, and then some that really struggled with this project.  I did this one with second grade, and if I did it all over again, I would try with third or fourth graders.  It was just hard for some kids, drawing big, not mixing colors, don't detail before you get a couple coats, don't paint the whole paper...  This class is pretty mature for second grade, so I wanted to challenge them.  Some definitely did beautiful work, but hard to manage with large class size.   I'll try in a couple years with third grade.  However, here are a few that successfully completed their project.

This lesson stretched over about 5 weeks, way too long, and many are still not done.  We have taken a break for now and we will revisit our unfinished work in May.

These are painted with fluorescent tempera paint and outlined with black sharpie.

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  1. I actually did a lesson a couple weeks ago with my 2nd graders on this. It took them 3 weeks (40 min classes-most finished in 2.5 classes). We used brown 9x12 construction paper, pencil, black sharpie, construction paper crayon and fluorescent paint. Week 1 after discussing what Amate bark painting is and showing a powerpoint, I showed examples of tropical birds and then the children drew. First, they drew a picture frame/border around using bumpy, curvy or zigzag lines, then drew their big tropical bird, a tree branch, leaves and flowers. If they had time, they would start tracing in black sharpie. Week 2, trace in black sharpie, color the tree branch and border in construction paper crayon. Paint the bird, leaves and flowers with fluorescent paint. Week 3, trace over sharpie lines with black sharpie and add details to wings, tail, leaves. I'm getting ready to post pictures to my art blog if you want to check them out. It was a fun lesson and the kids loved it.