Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Radial Balance in Neutral Tones

This is an art lesson I did a while back with 5th grade.  It is a  wonderful way to integrate art and math in a lesson.  Radial balance is a circular balance moving out from a central axis to maintain balance.  We first divided the circular space down into smaller portions.  They could either quarter the circle or break it down to 8 equal parts.  More simple designs were broken down to quarters, while more complex designs were broken down to 8 areas.  I encouraged, but did not require the use of a ruler to make sure the design was laid out evenly with the use of lines and shapes. These circles were drawn out on craft paper, then traced with sharpie.  The last step was to add in white with acrylic paint.  Most of these took two days, while more complex designs needed three art days to complete.

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