Monday, May 5, 2014

Eagle Art

My 4th graders have been working over the last 6 weeks on these eagle watercolor paintings.  This is the first round of completed pieces and I am pleased with the outcome. This is taking a bit longer to wrap up, but because my teaching partner and myself decided that we would do our own individual projects for a while.   I was on the search for inspiration on eagle art, since the school mascot is an eagle, and found this art piece to inspire my 4th graders.  
Students used one day to practice their eagle drawings.  The second day was used to finish practicing and draw the eagle on larger, thicker paper.  The eagles were then outlined with ultra thin sharpies.  Because of I required them to break up the space in the body and create different patterns and designs in these spaces it is taking them 3-5 additional art days to fill in the watercolor.  The outside is one color to emphasis the eagle and a salting technique is added on the background to create a subtle texture.  


  1. Fabulous project idea! Love the use of color and I'll bet the kids had a great time painting them.

    1. Hi Charmaine. Sorry it took me so long to respond...end of year craziness! Thanks! They did and I was really impressed with the details they took the time to do. They worked really hard on these. :)