Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Concentric Design

We just wrapped up this project with 4th grade.  The concentric design has lots of layers of color and bright paper.  We started with the rectange and square concentric shapes first.  This was a great use of all those scraps you tend to collect through the year and can't bear to throw away.  They were asked to make between 7-10 of these shapes.  Each shape has two to three layers of paper that is outlined with two or more colors.  We used crayola art sticks for all parts of color on this project.  After several days of doing this, I could tell the kids were needing a change.  So, we started on the background.  They needed to have 3-5 vertical and horizontal lines.  I encouraged them to double or triple color the lines for more impact.  Once this was done, kids went back to finishing shapes and were then able to arrange their compositions for gluing.  This took a little longer than expected, I think 6 weeks overall.


  1. These are really striking!! Thanks for sharing:))

  2. Beautiful work, did the kids start with white paper? is that how they used the crayola art sticks?

    1. Hi Jolene. No, they used the art sticks on the black paper, to draw the vertical and horizontal lines. Then again on the colored construction paper boxes. They added details there, tracing the outside of each layer.

  3. I am drawing a blank, but I think this is tied to a particular artist . . . anyone?

  4. Reminds me of Josef Albers work...head of Yale Dept. of Art, "Homage to the Square"