Friday, March 21, 2014


You may know or not know that the date 3/21 is national down syndrome day.  And of course this is something very close to my heart.  Our youngest daughter was diagnosed at birth, but despite a very grim looking beginning; a stay in NICU for a month with breathing and feeding problems, a AVSD heart surgery repair, and in the beginning, looking at her life as a person that would only see challenge after challenge in her life.  But, here we are, she is almost 2 years old and this is not what I envisioned.  She is happy, she laughs, when they are in reach she hugs her sisters with tight squeezy hugs, and goes anywhere and everywhere she wants.  She is a butt scooter, who could walk if she wanted, but the scooting thing is much faster.  Although she is starting to see the benefit of being on her feet (she is just tall enough, that if she slides her hands over the edge of tables and counters she can grab the things that have up to now been out of reach).  She is a beautiful little person that has a family totally and completely in love with her!

Lulu and the Lettuce Patch Personal Image

This is our families site for fundraising for the National Down Syndrome Society.  We lovingly call our daughter Lucy, Lulu.  If you are interested in supporting NDSS and their outreach programs, please click the On Loving Lucy link above, find the Lulu and the Lettuce Patch button and it will lead you to the fundraising page. And please stop by and read On Loving Lucy, my husband's memoir on raising Lucy.


  1. Thank you for sharing about your beautiful daughter!

  2. Thanks Phyl, she is my little angel, and she has taught me so much in just these 2 short years. Every child is a blessing!

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    1. Aww! Thanks Beth. I think she's pretty cute too!! :)