Monday, October 14, 2013

Ripple Leaves

This is a study of cool and warm color families.  Day one, of the project was to draw out 3 leaves and cut. Day two, the students finished any cutting needed and glued tissue paper down.  Day three, students trimmed tissue paper from the leaves and glued them to the background paper.  If they still had some time they began adding the ripples with washable markers. Day four, they continued adding the ripple lines and finally they misted their paper with a water spray bottle.  The spraying really needs to be monitored closely.  The kids tend to want to get really close.  They will have a much better result if they have about a foot or more of space between the spray bottle and their paper.  You want a light mist to cover the paper. This was done in the 4 class periods (50 minutes) with 2nd grade.

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