Friday, October 11, 2013

Pointillism Leaves

The pointillism leaves is a project that my teaching partner has done for a long time.  In the past, the background was kept white.  For a little change we decided that watercolor would be a nice touch behind the leaves.  To begin with, we open our lesson talking about George Seurat. The first step of the lesson is to draw out the leaves.  We have papers that have copied leaves of all kind on them.  The students use those to draw their leaves, some overlapping is encouraged.  Then, we begin the color process.  I like Georgiana's take on this lesson, she has the kids do very small circles rather than dots, which I have done before, and seems to take forever.  Plus those dots start to become jabs and before long we are tossing markers.  This technique fills the paper more quickly and no markers are damaged in the process. We encourage the kids to use 2-3 colors on each leaf, but to make sure overlapping leaves have different colors.  This project took us 4, 50 minute lessons.  

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