Monday, October 7, 2013

Beach Break!!

This was a last minute excersion to the beach.  I just celebrated my 30 something birthday. And my Ellie turned 7 on Friday.  We decided that since we are at a new school and she hasn't had a chance to make a lot of new friends, we would make the beach trip a part of her birthday.  My Mother-in-law lives in Corpus Christi, just minutes from the bridge to Padre Island.  We always rent a condo on Mustang Island, but usually sometime in the summer.  I will never do that again.  Everyone is always sunburned, there are tons of people and the condo prices are high.  This was so much better. Yes, it was nice and warm,  85 is a whole lot better than 105!!  The waves were pretty rough because of tropical storm Karen, but not bad enough to keep us out of the water.  We had a great time, I think the beach trip will be postponed till fall every year!  FEELING REFRESHED!!

Here is what she brought home a few weeks ago.
If you can't read it, here you go...
The Beach is my favorite.
I love the beach.
I wish we would go there.
I miss you beach.
Notice the shark swimming in the picture, don't worry he is friendly and just playing with our family.
I mean, who can deny this sweet little person something like that!!

Ellie, the birthday girl enjoying the water (above).
Lucy lasted about 5 minutes before Daddy took her up stairs.  The water rushing up didn't settle well with her.

Savanna enjoying the beach.

Ellie about to dig into her birthday cake!

Stealing kisses from my little TMNT.

Savanna and I hunted for the smallest shell, it was pretty close!!!

Pretty sunrise, right before it rained.

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