Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break Blues

Ok, I do LOVE my job, but spring break can be a bit depressing.  This means, we have hit the hardest part of the year; time change, standardized test (which means changes in daily schedules, which = craziness), kids that are counting the days, teachers who are worn out because kids are counting the days and keeping them engaged is exhausting, and parents who are tired also. Wednesday, may be hump day, but the end of March and the whole month of April, feels like hump months.  May, not so bad, testing is done (thank goodness), field day, beautiful warm days and summer is on the countdown.  So, I'm putting my big girl pants on, slap a smile on my face, and dream of a summer full of adventure, planning for the next year, art camps, and rest!

Isn't this beautiful!!  Just a snapshot taken from our moving van.  A breathtaking view of New Mexico.  

Taking a stroll around the block, just as it started snowing.

Lucy's first time to ride at the old arcade.  

A little fun with dry ice, just because...

Oh looky there, Mr. Sasquatch paid a visit.

My monkey family scaling the wall, on a little day outing.


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    1. Boy, I sound pathetic, don't I. Poor me! Maybe I'm feeling this way because I've experienced some unpleasantness recently with a few teachers. One concerning one of my daughters and a personal experience as well, I hate conflict!!