Friday, May 10, 2013

Layering with Lines

Layering with Lines

This is a two day project, and the color palette is very simple, just primary with black and white.
The first day they choose their background color, which is an 12 by 18 sheet.  Next, they selected their next layer color, which was a 12 by 12 square, they chose one line to cut (straight, wavy, zigzag).  They then chose a 12 by 9 paper, this time they chose a line to cut, but could not repeat the prior cut.  When they were done laying out their cuts on their background paper they selected paper for spirals, straight line, and dotted line.  They had lots of possibilities for laying out their work and the kids actually, did a lot of experimenting on their different options before making it permanent.  Lots of good discussion on this project! Day two landed in different places for different groups. This was done by my 2nd and 3rd graders.


Have them move things around until they find the composition they like best.

Hardest part is cutting the spirals apart.


  1. Lovely work! I will be 'borrowing' this idea sometime soon :)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. I have visited your site, you do lots of great work with your kids! Thanks for visiting :)