Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hundertwasser- Homage to Van Gogh

I had never seen Hundertwasser's homage to Van Gogh until several months ago.  Or, most likely, I've seen it, but I saw it as an opportunity to teach my kids about two artist.   It was also a great way to talk about how different artist can interpret something they see in two totally different ways.  

I love how bright and cheerful these turned out.  These were done with 2nd graders, one of my larger classes, between 30-32 kids in a class.  So, these took a little longer to complete. I had picked out several of his paintings that we would interpret in our own way.  I think these came out great, definitely one of my favorites!
      This art piece took most kids 4 art classes (50 minutes).  One day to paint the papers and background paper. One day to draw and cut out the vase/mug, stem and leaves, one day to glue stem, leaves and cut our petals and glue them as well.  

 And one day to trace, cut and glue the circles.  A few kids needed a little more time, but the majority was done in 4 days.  

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