Friday, April 8, 2016

The Great and Wonderful Dianna Aston Hutts

Spring is in the air, and there is so much inspiration all around us from flowers and insects and birds.  As everything starts to come back to life there is  inspiration to draw and create everywhere we look.

I love to incorporate literature into my lessons as often as I can.  It adds another layer to the lesson that helps our young learners understand the world around them.

Well, here is a series of books that is a must have for your personal collection, or at least in your school library.  The words are beautifully arranged and the illustrations are just gorgeous!

I had the privilege of teaching Dianna Hutts Aston's children in elementary school, many years ago.  She was just beginning her career as a hopeful author.  I remember sitting and having conversations with her about artist styles and what she was hoping the illustrations would be for some of her first books.
After a while, I lost touch, but one day I searched her on facebook and we have reconnected some.  I'm so glad, she is just one of those individuals that you can't help but like,  
She would give you the shirt off her back and not blink twice.  She herself is a true artist.  One of her personal favorites of her own collection of books is Dream Something Big.  The story of the Italian immigrant Simon Rodia, who created the Watts Towers in California.  It was an endeavor that would take thirty-four years to complete, made out of broken glass, seashells, pottery, any found object treasures.  A really great book to use for the upcoming Earth Day on Friday, April 22.  
I also love this, one of her newest passions, SOS: Messages of Hope, Love and Peace. Seriously, look it up!  She really is one of those people that make you evaluate yourself and makes you think about how you contribute daily to bettering our world.  

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