Monday, March 21, 2016

Hundertwasser, The Blob Grows in the Flower Pot

I have been studying Hundertwasser with my second grade classes.  So, I picked out a few of his art pieces that we would recreate.  The Blob Grows in the Flower Pot was one that everyone seemed to like, but there's a but.  The faces in the images seemes to creep out most of the kids, I get it.  
I mean, it is a little creepy!  So, we talked about taking the parts of the image that we did like and recreating those parts.  Everyone was on board and when we were done, the kids were very happy with the end results.
The end result looks more like lollipops in a mug, than flowers in a pot, but I don't think the kids minded that either.  These pieces took us 4 class periods to complete, but... this is a really large class (32 second graders).  Not to mentions they pack up their things, then come to art class right before they are dismissed for the day.  So, I would normally say this is a 3 day project, unless you are over crowed like we are, then plan for 4 art days.  

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