Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kinder; Cutting Lines

This is a project that my co teacher has just wrapped up with kindergarten and I think they are fabulous! There are so many great kinder skills in this one project; line practice, cutting, gluing and painting skills and they all came out beautiful.  
I believe she gave them black paper first, 3/4 size of the white paper.  They drew 2 to 3 different vertical lines, then they cut.  These pieces were then glued to white paper. Day 2, students added crayon lines in the white spaces and then water color resist over the lines.  

I love how the black pops the color.  

I personally find kinder the most challenging of all grade levels.  They are all at different skill levels entering kinder and usually by 1st the kiddos that seem to be behind are catching up.  

One of my best parts of doing a job share is that we are learning from one another.  I've added a lot of good tools to my teacher toolbox through this experience.  Hopefully she can say the same.  


  1. Those are really fabulous! I want to try something similar.

  2. I really love these! The colors against the black are stunning! :)