Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Come Sail Away with Me

These sailboats were created by my third graders. This project has been an on going art piece for about six weeks. Working on these little by little till everyone had their sailboats traced with glue.  
For this project we discussed foreground, middle ground and back ground.  We also talked about other possible ways to make our pictures unique, like weather, profile of the boats vs. front view.  We discussed time of day and adding land in the foreground or sides as well.   

Once we were done with the discussion, students went to work on scrap papers figuring out their designs.  Then, these were recreated on the black construction paper.  Since we were using glue, I had to tell them to keep their design simple.  Too many details would actually not be good for this particular art piece.  Then, once we finished, the kids took turns gluing their projects with gel glue.

We worked on a couple projects while, the gluing process was happening. Then, we finally got to add color.  We used chalk pastel between glue lines.  This was a good project to talk about blending and color mixing.  

Once you are done with chalk pastel, use a facial tissue to lightly dust the glue lines. 

Sample before adding chalk pastel.  Note, you can use regular glue, but the gel glue gives this nice shiny surface. 


  1. These are great! They are very JMW Turner-esqu :)

  2. Thanks so much. I had to look for Turner to see his work. Very cool.