Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pop up Sea Animals

This was my favorite art lesson from art camp this year.  It was very simple and only required one simple step to alter it from 2-D. The kids designed their oceanscapes with brightly colored painted papers.  Then, they chose and created one or two animals to add, o.k. some had more, but who's counting.  The kids cut out mostly sea turtles, star fish, and sea horses.  These were also created out of the painted papers, and they added details with art sticks and sharpie.  For every sea animal they did, I gave them two strips of paper to make an accordion fold (some of the bigger animals required two sets to pop up properly).  The kids loved the  3-D aspect of these pictures.

Love the snail!

I love the turtle, looks like he is doing a happy dance!!

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