Tuesday, September 9, 2014


CEDFA, which is a fine arts summit held in Austin Tx, has been in existence for around 10 years.  I don't always attend, mostly because of conflicts with the dates, but I have been to at least 5 of the summits over the years.   Samantha Melvin has always lead the elementary art portion of the summit, and I have always learned a great deal from our sessions.  Below are some of the art pieces my group did, as well as a few others from the elementary art session.  Also, there is a few though provoking posters mounted and these provided us with some of our discussion topics.  Now day one, with Samantha, was great, as well as the second day morning session.  But...I was very disappointed with the afternoon.  It got really weird.  And by weird, I mean awful.  Basically they made all the fine arts come together (teachers K-12, visual, drama, dance, choir, orchestra and so on) in groups of eight.  Each group had to have a 3 minute presentation of playing inspirational music, show slides of art, do strange movements as a whole, and try to say something inspirational.  Let's just say, that's not my cup of tea!! Anyone else attend?  And what did you think?  

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