Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Art Camp Beach Silhouettes

This summer I decided to do a beach themed art camp.  It was a blast hanging out with these 26 kiddos and 5 helpers!  We had so much fun creating these mixed media beach silhouettes.  We started out the artwork by drawing out our beach scenes.  

Most were very simple, but others created boardwalks with Ferris wheels and more.  Instead of painting, I opted for black sharpie.  It is so much easier to control, especially for little hands.  The black isn't as dark, but it is a good substitute, especially for younger students.  

The students then drew out their desired wave and we filled it in with blue acrylic paint.  I really like the ones where they didn't completely cover the silouhette images.  The last step was to sponge the white foam to the crest of the wave.  We asked the kids to blot the white paint on instead of wipe.  This picture was one of the last to be finished, so I regret that I did not get a picture of everyones finished art piece.  

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  1. These have come out so well! Another one to add to my projects next school year