Sunday, August 3, 2014

Splash Painting

What kid doesn't enjoy splattering paint??  O.K, so maybe a few, but not many...  We took full advantage of summer camp and not having to clean up between classes, no time limits!  If you scroll down you will see that we began the artwork by doing a marker waterscape, crayon sky.  They used a little water over the maker to bleed the blues together after they were done coloring. On a seperate page, students were able to choose a fish, shark or whale jumping out of the water or even a surfer for more of a challenge.  They drew, colored and cut these out to add to the waterscape created earlier.  The last step was to add the splashes of color.  I chose to do this as a rotation with some other unfinished art pieces, so I helped 2 to 6 kids at a time with the splattering.  Big hint, and a hard one for kids to get on board with, less IS more!  Don't load your brush too much, a small amount of paint on the brush will create the right kind of splatter for this kind of picture. 

The waves were done with marker and just a small amount of water brushed on to bleed the marker colors together.
For the splatter portion I used watered down acrylic paint.  We used a medium sized flat brush to spray the paint.

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