Monday, August 26, 2013

Symbols on painted cardboard

This is a recycled cardboard art piece that I did over the summer with my art camp kids.  They started with 3 pieces of cardboard. They chose a symbol like heart, peace sign, flower, lightning bolt or even a letter, like the first initial of their name.  On the first and largest piece of cardboard the backgrounds were painted with blue and white blended acrylic paint. Then, they decided on the main color of their symbol on their second piece of cardboard.  They could add in touches of other colors, and then use fabric paint for a more 3-D looking paint effect. Their last piece of cardboard could be any mix of colors, as long as it didn't have the main color they used in the symbol.  After their pieces were dry, I cut the background cardboard down to strips for them and their symbol pieces into smaller squares and rectangles.  I placed each kids pieces in a  zip lock bag with their name on it.  The next day they played with their cardboard pieces until they liked their compositions and glued down the pieces.  This was a good project to do with a group of 20-25 kids.  I don't have pictures of all the different symbols the kids did, but here are a few. 


Peace sign



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