Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This is a great book to have in your classroom.  It combines art history and math in a fun way.  It is creative problem solving, where kids are looking for patterns to find solutions to the "riddle".  I love using this book with all ages.  It is a great time filler when you are done with a project and you still have a few minutes left of class.  I used this with all my K-5 kids.


  1. :) Thank you for stopping by Art With Mr. E!!! I really appreciate what you said. I believe in being me 100% of the time. My faith is the most important thing...then my family...then my job! I feel that is what makes me a good teacher...knowing my priorities..and keeping those at the forefront! Plus, I'm not good at not being ya see is what ya get! ha ha I'll add you to my blog roll...but ya better keep posting on here!! (HA!)

  2. No problem. I will, should be a tad bit easier now that I am doing a job share this year. Thanks for being such a roll model to all, in so many ways. Good luck and best wishes on the upcoming year. AND, congratulations on your presentation at NAEA. I have never been to a NAEA conference yet, on my list of to do's!