Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to Reality!

We have just returned from our yearly summer vacation in Manitou Springs.  Every year we try to stretch it out a little longer each time.  It still seems to go by so fast.  This year, it was really hard to return.  The weather there was perfect, while a few days were a little warm, most days were in the 80's and even some in the 70's.  As soon as we crossed the Texas line coming home, we hit 100 degrees.  So hot...this is when I start wanting school to start.  We start to feel trapped in our house to get out of the heat.

Someone figure out how to keep an eye on her mommy!  

One happy little girl.  While she does love pink, she also loves all things dinosaurs, dragons, sharks and eagles!

While you can feed the giraffes here, this giraffe almost helped himself to a phone.  I was turning on my husbands camera when a large slimy tongue almost licked my face and started wrapping it's tongue around my hand and the iphone (with a bright green metallic cover on it).  I quickly scared Melvin here away with a nice little scream.  Everyone around us got a kick out of it.  Giraffe cute, slimy tongue not so much  :(

Day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, best zoo ever!!

Lots of great sculptures and artwork at this zoo.

My little sunshine enjoying her day at the zoo.

Seriously, why do my own children photo bomb their own pictures???

Ok, finally a picture for mom, with no crazy faces!

Travel up to Pikes Peak on the Cog Rail.

Aren't they precious!!
Little piece of heaven. Although covered by the clouds in this picture, on a clear day you can see Pike's Peak.   So relaxing!

Horse Derby, at the old Penny Arcade!  So much fun, and yes my daughter beat all these old timers!!

I think they finished this in about 30 seconds.
Peanut mustache!

Love going to see the Rockies game!
Playing in the creek, behind the house, creating lots of memories.
Driving by Garden of the Gods, isn't it breathe taking!

Last pic before driving away from our little getaway.

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