Monday, June 3, 2013

The Magic Raincoat, Marbling (Part 2)

Shaving cream marbling is the way to go.  For the longest time I did traditional marbling with my students, made from seaweed extract.  Big smelly tubs of goohy liquid.  The longer it sat, the more it smelled.  You had to prep the night before so it could thicken enough for the kids to drop the paint.  I discovered shaving cream marbling about 5 years ago, and it has changed the experience for me and the kids.  Clean-up is easy.  The shaving cream smells good, and it's cheap.  The artwork always turns out nice.  Not the case with traditional marbling, if the kids didn't wipe the marbling gooh off enough, you were left with a gray layer over the colors, not pretty!  

I use old cafeteria trays, add your shaving cream and let the students drip their paints.

Use hair pics and combs, even forks to blend the colors and drop your paper.

Rub lightly over the paper, you can see the colors adhering to the paper.  Pull up paper and reposition if their are blank spots.

We use the backside of the comb to remove shaving cream.  Add it back to the tray and continue to print.  You can keep adding paint to the same shaving cream as long as you are using colors that blend well with each other.

This will go into the drying rack and soon be ready for finishing touches!


  1. Replies
    1. It dries quickly. Once the shaving cream is removes after you print, it dries like a normal watercolor on paper. :)