Monday, June 10, 2013

Portfolio Name Design

Students design one side of their portfolio with their name.  The other side can be anything they want.

When I first started teaching, the kids would finish a project and take it home.  I never really gave it any thought.  Until... I started paying attention at car dismissal.  Artwork would be shoved into their backpacks, torn and crumpled, even the kids that were really, really proud of their work.  In my second year of teaching, we started to have our district art show, and I started saving work back.  I think for a long time I would save until about Christmas, and only keep back potential work for the art show and other displays.  Then, about six years ago I started keeping all of their work until the end of the year.  We create these pockets to carry the artwork home.  It gives the parents a chance to see the artwork from the full year and appreciate their growth over the year. 

We use construction paper crayons, and the older kids can use black sharpie to make it stand out (2nd-5th).

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