Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mike Esparza Superheroes

Mike Esparza Superheroes

We are just finishing up our superheroes.  They are so much fun to look at, but I'm sure my kids little fingers are tired from doing this one.  The kids did a great job.  Day one of the project, we introduced the artist, Mike Esparza.  It is funny, they always want to know if the artist is still alive or if they've kicked the bucket.  Well, they were excited to find out, not only is he still living and breathing, but he is originally from San Antonio, just an hour away from us.   I gave the kids a chance to draw out theirsuperheroes, on scrap paper to work out the kinks first, they were allowed to draw any superhero or villian.  I also gave them lots of images of superheroes, as well as some of Picasso's cubism art, since his art is influenced by him.  Once they finished their practice, they moved to the large gray construction paper (12" by 18").  On day 2, they traced their superhero with black sharpie and began the coloring process.  Lastly, they cleaned up the sharpie with another trace.  I did this project with 3rd-5th grades. 

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