Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Butterfly Art

Butterfly Festival

We have an amazing little outdoor theatre just down the road in a little town known as Wimberly.  It is the EmilyAnn Theatre.  Each year they host a Butterfly Festival to honor EmilyAnn, a young girl who died before her time.  The festivial itself is great, they have lots of family friendly activities, 3000 butterflies are released, each child gets to walk around with their butterfly on their slice of watermelon until the butterfly feels it is time to part ways. Plus, tons of beautiful butterfly artwork.   While I don't always get my artwork there on time, we do our best.  Especially considering March is YAM and I am usually wrapping up my art fundraiser with OWY.  None the less, we always do butterfly art.  It is great for learning and practicing balance with line and color.  Here are some of the butterfly projects I've done.

Diffusion paper with black sharpie and watercolor detail.

Blotto Butterfly with warm colors, sharpie detail.

 Glue 1/2 of butterfly image (white glue on black paper) and chalk pastel for the color.  You can see on these two butterfly images, we were also talking about warm and cool colors.
Black Blotto with construction paper crayon designs.

Eric Carle styled butterflies, with painted paper.

Various metal or foiled butterflies, colored sharpie details.

Black constuction paper cut-out, with art stick details, and traced with clear glue.

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